The reply: I’m not a model, it was a personal interest.

I really think I need to get this out there, if you are born to be a model.. You will be one no matter what.. If you are not then stop trying because even if you work real hard it just won’t happen. If you have never modelled for companies or any big clients in particular you are not a model! Having professional photos of yourself is a great thing.. It doesn’t mean you’re a model though, it’s just a fun interest. So please stop taking it so seriously and make sure you focus on your real career path. That is the general reply I’m giving all the girls who have asked me “how did you become a model” .. Ty but I’m not one.    


Entourage Media Agency is a company that provides media solutions.

A friend and I came up with the idea after meeting a good group of talented people around the country. We worked so well together and each and everyone had so much different unique talents that would be beneficial as a group. After that, we both thought why not open up a company that will promote these talents as well as the company as a whole. The name of the company pretty much speaks for itself and was pointed out by someone I call a best friend.

It has only been a few months and Entourage has taken off like a hot rocket. We have been receiving jobs left and right and is handling everything very well. Our website isn’t completely finished and yet clients are calling us because of the powerful word of mouth.

I’m so glad everything is going as planned and can’t wait to see what the future holds, there are so much surprises on the way that Entourage is trying hard to hold back from the public. But until then, thanks so much for all the support and love you guys have shown us.

We provide models, actors, graphic designer, videographer/editor, web developer, photographers and event planner so contact us and let us know what service you are looking for.

Check out more details at or visit our page at 

.Keego Nguyen

This was a dish I made awhile back, say a few months.. I would probably say that this was one of my favourite dishes and the best tasting dish compared to most of my previous ones.

It’s healthier and the presentation is so simple, such an easy dish to make.

Thanks to Food Safari :)

.Keego Nguyen


Entourage Media provides a full range of services. Some of these include photography, makeup artistry, video production, fashion design, photo retouching and so forth.

For more information please visit our facebook profile while we wait for our official website launch.

.Keego Nguyen

Coastal Scent Eyeshadow 88 palette works wonders!

I tried a pastel rainbow eyeshadow look yesterday and this is how it turned out using only Coastal scent 88 palette.

So if you can only afford one palette of eyeshadow then I highly recommend this one. 

To achieve this look just choose 5 colors that will compliment each other, obviously choose colors from the rainbow.

In this photo here I used the shimmer colors. (Start with Yellow then add green, aqua, lavender and fuchsia red.  Do the same near the lower waterline with the colors in order just like how you did it on the eyelids.

Be creative! Scroll back up to see finished results. Use a nude coloured lipstick to compliment the eye shadow colours.

.Keego Nguyen

Today I had such a beautiful and healthy breakfast thanks to Jamie Oliver.

The smoke salmon and scrambled eggs is such a great combination and oh so healthy.

Smoked salmon with scrambled eggs on toasted bread , sprinkle chopped spring onions , sea salt and ground pepper and you’re good to go. Add a wedge of lemon on the plate but try to cooked scrambled eggs using butter not oil and taste the difference.


.Keego Nguyen

Picnic, It’s not Picnic!

I received a call today about the Picnic commercial. My video got selected so you’ll see me on TV eating a picnic looking like an idiot on the 10th of March between 6 - 6:30 pm during The Simpsons. Enjoy…

.Keego Nguyen

Michelle Phan’s Sunset Eyes - The makeup guru

If you have never heard of Michelle Phan, a Vblogger then you totally live under a rock, especially if you’re female.

Michelle Phan is a makeup guru on youtube and was recently ranked number one.

I watched one of her videos called “Sunset Eyes” and felt that the colors she uses is so unique and each eyeshadow concept tells a story.

The trouble is that some of her makeup she uses is quite expensive so I tried doing these exact eyes following her step by step instructions using only the “coastal scent eyeshadow 88 palette” and it turned out quite well.

(Mine just got delivered today and it was all broken so I need to get it replaced!)

So if you find that you can’t afford the makeup she uses just try and use a substitute making sure that the colors match the ones of the product she uses.

And voila! Enjoy a good day/night out …

I used my web cam so the color might appear a bit lighter then it really is but I hope you know where I’m coming from. Below is a comparison between my one using the 88 palette and Michelle’s professional makeup.

Thanks Michelle for the great videos.

.Keego Nguyen

I started coming up with sketches for a restaurant mascot, and of course I gave my client more then one option. They chose a more oriental mascot which of course I also like very much.

I thought I might as well upload this one and use it as my own mascot from now on seeing how it won’t be used for anything. On the plus side, It’s actually pretty adorable!

So I hope you guys like it and check back soon because I’m pretty sure it’ll be updated. And once the restaurant is up and running , I’ll reveal the mascot that they chose .


Watch this pre-wedding video produced by Youcake Productions! & Edited by Keego.Media :) .. 5 stars to congratulate the couple ;)

I love editing sweet wedding clips like this one !!